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One World One Photo UPDATE!!!!

Having run One World One Photo for a couple of months now I thought It was time for an update on the project.

  • It has been suggested to me that I try and run the project for a certain amount of time and to come up with an end event / goal. So what I’m trying to do is to first of all to be able to say that I’ve brought together art from each continent on earth. Which I’m working towards.  That would be the ULTIMATE goal.
  • I started this project as something I could do for my art practise but to use it as part of my art course. So In the next two days I’m finishing up the book which I had originally planned to make, So if you haven’t yet sent in your photo’s please do so =]
  • http://oneworldonephoto.co.uk
  • As the whole idea for the project was a collaboration I have put together a really cool way of bringing the project together. Using Google Earth to navigate around the globe to see where the photo’s have come from and to double click on them to zoom in on the location.

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