Legacy – Take to the Streets

One of the things keeping me busy since leaving Uni this year is something called the ‘Legacy Project’ which is an idea which has come off the back of the ‘Take to the Streets’ Exhibition outside Snow Hill station in Birmingham. The Colmore Business District in partnership with the New Birmingham Central Library have commissioned staff and Students from BCU to create a body of work documenting certain aspects of Birmingham, mainly the Colmore business area.
I feel particularly proud to be part of this because it is mainly for photographers from the Vis Comm course. But by recommendation I have come over from Fine Art to take part. In just over a week I’m having a tutorial with Magnum photographer Chris Steel-Perkins, he will look over the photo’s I have taken so far and give feedback on them.

The most exciting thing about this is that some of the photo’s will be selected to be added to Birmingham’s Photographic achieves. This means that I could be part of Birmingham Official history for generations to come.

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