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At the start of my third year in Uni I went in really confident knowing exactly what I wanted to do. So I I went into my tutorial which was a couple of weeks ago really confident and roaring to go. This is where the problems started to happen.
My main Idea was to create a film with my brother Dale about our Irish connection. As twins living in Birmingham England we were brought up and surrounded by an Irish family. Both our parents were born and lived partly in Ireland along with other members of our immediate family. We had also met a huge number of relatives who still continue to live in Ireland during the holidays when we would visit. So the film was to explore all of this, along with the idea of why 2nd and 3rd Generation Irish were really proud to have that Irish Ethnicity and essentially be plastic Paddy’s!

However my tutor seemed to have taken a problem with my art practice suggesting that I had an issue with authorship following my One World One Photo Project, which involved me collecting images and art work from Artists and Non-Artists from all around the world. This led my tutor to go on a barrage of ideas regarding my film.

1. Go over to Ireland and film everything that you’d put in the film and find 5 different people to edit 5 different parts.

2. Get someone to film the footage for you and you edit it.

3. Make the film you want to make.

Show all 3 films together at once to answer that question of authorship. This to me seems like complete and utter madness. I want to create a film about exploring my Irish connection, why should I have to turn it into some Arty Farty Fuck Fest!

This is the reason why I’m making the film. People like this couple here.

Connar O'Keeffe

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One thought on “Irish Connection

  • Joe Vaughan

    What did he mean about authorship? Too much focus on the people than the finished pieces?
    It might be an interesting parallel to explore heritage and relative ownership of work
    Joe V