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Daddy and Aoife

A letter to my Daughter

Dear Aoife, For 8 months I dreamt about what it would be like to finally meet you, what you will look like and how you will sound. It seems like you were thinking about the same thing, and at 35 weeks +2, you decided it was time to say ‘hello’. […]


Because I have updated the look of my website I thought it was time to post a new image.  This blog is going to go through a bit of a transition I think, I need to think about what purpose it serves and how best I can keep it maintained.  […]

iPhone creativity.

Working in the printing industry I have reason to both love and hate mobile photo editing, and sharing. In most circumstances mobile apps give users the ability to create amazing works of art for free or next to nothing. On the other hand, unless you know what you’re doing these […]

The Monster Club

A few weeks ago now a good friend of mine launched his new band night called ‘THE MONSTER CLUB’ at the Actress and Bishop in Birmingham. I won’t give away too much you’ll just have to come along to see what its all about. The next night is on 12th July. Come […]

Matthew Bayliss

Earlier on in the year I did a photo shoot for 800m runner Matthew Bayliss at his home training ground inside Birmingham University. It was a such a fun day, nice and relaxed. I have updated my PEOPLE / LIFESTYLE  gallery so go check that out to see more photo’s from the […]

Big Camera Phobia

I have recently found myself at a bit of a stalemate. Being very busy at work means that I haven’t got as much free time that I’ve been used to. When I do have some time off I get the feeling of ‘Oh I’ll just leave my camera at home […]

A Trek for Owen Auction

On Thursday 1st March I was asked to photograph the A Trek for Owen Charity Auction  with all profits going to Aplastic Anemia Trust. It was a fantastic night with amazing food and more importantly lots of money was raised to go to the trust. If you were there on […]

Perspectives – Interaction

One of the most interesting things that I documented was the way that people interacted within the Colmore Business District. It was interesting to see how different people used the space and I set out to capture as many characters as I could.